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of year. even when they're just traveling down sidewalk to go shopping. thank you. >>> now our fifth story, obama care heading back to the supreme court. today the top court in the united states says it will take up another dispute over the president's signature health care law. now this time it involves coverage for contraception specifically. the specific issue is this. can businesses refuse to offer birth control coverage based on religious objections? it is a church versus state debate. "outfront," our political director mark preston. i guess the question i had all day was trying to understand this. when you hear about obama care going to the supreme court, you get a flash back and you think the entire law itself is at stake. if the supreme court strikes down obama care's mandate to include contraceptives works that mean obama care overall is dead? >> no. the bill would stand on its own as it is currently written. the big question would be how would the obama care administration deal with it. would we have to see companies who did not want freeway this type of protection for contracept
friday instead of going to the website. jim acosta, thank you. and outfront tonight, chris kofinis joins us as well. and i want to add something that eric cantor said, "once again, president obama has unilaterally delayed another major portion of obama care. these are hardly the actions of a transparent administration. of course, chris, east referring to the delay of the employer mandate. it was huge news announced around the 4th. at this point, why do it right around a holiday every time. just own up to it. >> well, to be honest, i'm not sure they're trying to hide from the fact that there have been some problems with the rollout. i think it's pretty obvious to everyone that there are. i think the bigger question is, you know, what are we going to do about it? and clearly the problems are significant enough, but they're getting addressed. what i find kind of amusing when i hear some of my, you know, republican friends, and members of congress, talk about obama care, is i can't believe that they're this interested in health care. i mean, for years, i couldn't figure out what their ideas
if and when israel becomes so worried it decides to strike iran as nuclear facilities. >> thank you very much. out front, let's bring in michael medved, and a former pentagon official. people are saying this was done to divert americans' eyes from obama care. 60% say the president cannot manage the government of the united states effectively. critics say he needed a win, so he did this deal to get that box checked. why do you think he did the deal? >> i think he did the deal for exactly the right reasons, we have a crisis in the middle east. this is a real breakthrough. he's been trying to do this throughout his administration. he's finally succeeded in doing to. i think that the idea that the iranians were going to cooperate when president obama wanted to distract everybody from domestic item, i think that has nothing to do with president obama's domestic woes. >> a lot of people are saying this still doesn't make sense. we don't have access, inspectors to all the sites we need. but let pea play something john kerry said to the george stephanopoulos. here's secretary kerry. >> in 2003, iran
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)